Pantry Overhaul

Nutritional Analysis & Meal Plan

60 mins | $150

Melanie will come to your house and sort out your pantry & fridge. You will learn how to read labels, what ingredients to look out for, different types of sugar and fats, healthier alternatives and must-have healthy pantry staples.

The ultimate beginning to a healthier lifestyle or
weight-loss journey.

online | $70

Melanie can design personalised meal plans based on your goals, your lifestyle and current eating habits. 


We don't hand out ready-made diets but tailor to your individual requirements.

Whether it be for weight loss, weight gain or a specific dietary health issue we can design a weekly meal plan just for you. 

This includes a nutritional assessment of your current diet, highlighting what nutrients are in excess and deficiency.

This can also be purchased for children.

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