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Calm Queens

Do you wish you were a complete calm queen?


A mother that wasn't phased by the little things?
That could cope without struggle?

If you are tired of letting your anxiety control your life, and sick of your anxiety make the little things in life harder - then this is the book for you!


Melanie will take you on a tour from the gut to the mind, connecting all the anatomical dots to explain exactly how your physical health and gut microbiome impacts anxiety, stress and overwhelm - and how to nourish yourself with the right nutrients to create your happy hormones. 

Understand Anxiety

Learn what postnatal anxiety really is and find the underlying meaning behind your anxiety.


Control Emotions

Learn to stay afloat with practical tools, even when life throws it’s biggest curveballs. You’ll learn to manage your anxiety, rather than let it drown you.


Heal Your Gut

This unique whole body approach to managing anxiety considers all aspects of you. You’ll learn how the gut impacts your anxiety and how to optimise your digestion, step-by-step.

Taming your anxious mind and rewire old thought patterns through approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and lifestyle changes with this eBook, you’ll walk away empowered, grounded and ready to apply all you’ve learnt for a calmer, more connected life.⁣

Pregnancy & Postnatal Care

Coming Soon!

This eBook covers everything you need to know from conception, morning sickness, anaemia, exhaustion, preventing stretch marks, labour preparation, breastfeeding, mastitis and the postnatal period. 

You will learn exactly how postnatal anxiety and depression occur, learning about the in depth biochemistry and physiological connections to prevent postnatal depletion and postnatal anxiety and depression. 

You'll walk away an expert knowing exactly what nutrients your baby needs to develop, what supplements should be taken, how to manage pregnancy woes at home and how to avoid postnatal anxiety and depression. 

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