Postnatal 6 week Ecourse - Starting March 7th

Postnatal 6 week Ecourse - Starting March 7th


Beginning March 7th - SECURE YOUR ENROLMENT NOW. 


“What if you could work directly alongside me following the exact framework that I use to guide my clients towards phenomenal results for all of the health issues after having a baby?”

- Melanie


Does this sound like you?


Exhausted, run down, stressed, hormonally imbalanced Mumma that doesn't know where to start with how to feel better

- Feeling unheard by mainstream doctors

- Continously having all your blood tests come back as “normal” but know there is something going on

- Know your eating needs overhauling, but have no idea where to start or what to eat

- Feels like your nervous system cannot handle anything anymore, and you are often feeling stressed, emotional, irritated, angry, frustrated, anxious

- Your periods and hormones have been never the same since you had your baby (i.e you have raging PMS, heavy or irregular periods, no sex drive!)


What's Included

- Private online portal with 6 weeks of modules containing proven frameworks Melanie uses in her 1:1 consultations to get you feeling amazing again

- Lifetime access to my exclusive new private Facebook page

- 6 x 30 min Facebook live videos with Melanie answering all your questions

- Downloadable activities, handouts and checklists including Melanie's ideal blood test range cheat sheet


Purchase Today And You'll...

- Feel confident knowing how to read your own blood tests

- Feel physically amazing with more energy than you've ever had before

- In control of your eating knowing you are giving yourself the most nutritious foods

- Cope as a kickass mum

- Control your stress levels so they never get out of control

- Balanced hormones

- A happy and healed gut

- Feeling heard and understood

- A balanced, happy and calm nervous system 

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