Pregnancy Care Ebook

Pregnancy Care Ebook


Being pregnant can either be nine months of feeling pretty amazing and enjoying every little moment, or nine months of feeling terribly exhausted, unwell, drained and wanting it to hurry up and be over. Or to be honest, it can be a mix of both - which is normal too!

But we would rather it be mostly bliss, wouldn’t we? And not only is there a real need for us to feel good, we also want to ensure we are doing absolutely everything right so that our little bubba is growing exactly how it should, and thriving on the inside.

So for you, and your baby, is why I wrote this Pregnancy Care E-book!


Topics include

- Elevit? No thanks. 

- Folate vs Folinic Acid

- Morning sickness prevention

- Stretch mark prevention

- What supplements should I be taking?

- Melanie's supplement recommendations

- How to maximise nutrition for you and your growing baby

- Meal and snack ideas

- Shopping list

- Recipes including keto fudge, chia pudding, 

- Constipation treatment

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